The Rib Man

In just a few years, The Rib Man has become an institution on the London street food scene.

His meaty wares, either ribs by themselves, in wraps or huge white rolls, have become the stuff the of legends. As has his variety of original homemade hot sauces: Holy F**k, Christ on a Bike and Holy Mother of God (known collectively as the Holy Trinity of sauces) can now be found in some of London’s hippest restaurants and pop ups, and is shipped to devout fans all over the UK and the world.

My favourite is the original, Holy F**k sauce: the purity of the chilli taste is immense, initially hitting you with the heat and leaving you tangy glow that glides around your mouth. It is utterly addictive.

As his thousands of Twitter followers will attest, the quality (and indeed quantity) of the ribs over the years hasn’t diminished with the huge popularity he has gained, and neither has the genuine enthusiasm for what he does.

For me The Rib Man is a perfect representation of what street food in London has done to the culinary scene: no more bland, boring, chain restaurants or fast food options.

Just simple, fresh and incredibly delicious food, from someone who is passionate about their product.

You can find The Rib Man slow cooking at street food events up and down the UK, and almost every Sunday, where it all started, in Brick Lane, East London.

His sauces are available to order through his website:

Video: Karen Lobban


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