Du pain et des idées, de l’amour et de la passion

On a sunny day in Paris don’t miss out a walk along the Canal Saint Martin. The trees lined up will provide you the perfect shade and you will without a doubt be charmed by the many bridges and small boats passing through the locks.

Feeling hungry after the walk or maybe do you need some bread to have an improvised pic-nic by the canal? At the corner of la rue Yves Toudic and la rue de Marseille is Du pain et des idées. An out of time bakery. The shop itself was built in 1870, the painted glass ceilings and mirrors are still the original ones.

The owner, Christophe Vasseur, is a very passionate baker. One of the best ones in Paris. Many bakers are passionate ones you might say and that’s right, it is a job that requires passion to be done well. His story is unusual and reflects even more how he willfully chose his job. After a career as a fashion industry executive, he decides at 32 to put away his suit and tie to start learning about the baker’s job.After going through some hardships and working hard he has a baker’s official degree and opens his shop. His aim? To work with pride and show that his job is a beautiful one that brings happiness to those who work with their head and their hands.


Christophe Vasseur is a baker that does not cheat his clients and has chosen to offer them products using the best possible ingredients. From the butter to the flour, everything is carefully selected: Fresh eggs from the organic Ferme des beurreries, organic milk from Gaborit, fresh seasonal organic fruits, Valrhona chocolate, etc. Breads and pastries are baked on a natural stone. The result is incredible, thick and crunchy bread, depth of flavors, amazing smells…there is magic in this bakery!


If you are having a difficult time making a decision and feel like buying the whole shop I would advise you to try out the addictive Pain des amis (do like the Parisians and say if you want a piece with more “croûte”/crust), a Chausson aux pommes (a fluffy crunchy puff pastry filled with a melting piece of apple) and of course do not leave without a couple of stuffed Mini pavés _ the variety of the fillings, olives, figs, ham, goat cheese, sundried tomatoes might give you a hard time to decide…the one with lardons et reblochon is my favorite one!

Fotos: Emilie Mounsaveng

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Du pain et des idées, de l’amour et de la passion

Du Pain et des Idées

Uno de esos sitios a los que ir antes de morirse. Abierto desde las 6.45 horas hasta las 20.00 horas.
Du Pain et des Idées
34 rue Yves Toudic 75010 Paris 01 42 40 44 52


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