Craving for something fatty

Now, here’s a warning. Wherever you might be right now, you will probably have a craving for a burger after reading this post…

Whether it’s a hangover, a happy food day in the middle of a diet or just self-indulgence, there are days one just NEEDS to have a big, juicy burger. I live in Madrid and here there are various options of course. The famous one, recommended by every tourist guide would be the Bocadillo de calamares. Not bad, but I wouldn’t really go for that. Whenever I go to London I always go to this long street, in the eastend, Brick lane, packed with Indian restaurants and, an amazing bagel place. The best salted beef bagel with mustard I’ve ever had. Yes, but a bagel is not good enough here, it won’t satisfy the quest for a super fatty burger!


New-York, will offer the most traditional burger of all times: warm toasted bread, perfectly cooked meat, crunchy grilled slices of bacon, big pickled gherkins, red onion and melted cheddar cheese. When your plate arrives at the table your only wish is that you had ordered 2 or that there could be the same exact restaurant in your hometown.


Unfortunately, the big apple can be quite far so I will share with you my mix sandwich place that I always go to when I’m on a trip in bustling Barcelona. There you will get to satisfy your calorie hunger. It’s a place where the bread is freshly baked, the filling comes from high quality ingredients produced by nearby providers. The inspiration is global. The Vietnamese Ban Mí sandwich, stands next to the chicharrón of Mexico and to the Chinese pork bun a la David Chang (Momofuku). The stuffed suckling pig behind the counter will whisper you to order the famous Porchetta sandwich…just go for it! It’s memorable. Then, decide on how many more your stomach will allow you to indulge yourself on…come on, you know you want to try another one!

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